All Ready for the Reduced Speed Limit Reveal after Friday, March 31st

Posted 23 Mar 2017 to News by Sarah Scannell

Dublin City Council’s Environment and Transportation Department is preparing for a new speed limit revel next Friday the 31st March, please watch this space for full details to follow!

Be Track Aware & Give Cyclists Space

Posted 1 Mar 2017 to News by Sarah Scannell

Luas Cross City has launched its latest ‘Be Track Aware & Give Cyclists Space’ campaign this week in Dublin City Centre.  The campaign’s objective is to remind all cyclists, pedestrians and motorists of the importance of being extra vigilant when in the vicinity of the newly laid Luas tracks.  There will be radio ads, billboards, posters, digital and social alerts over the coming weeks and months to remind everyone of the new tram tracks.


All of the tram tracks are now in place across streets in Dublin city centre. Although there are no trams running on them yet, Luas Cross City urge everyone who uses these streets to be track aware. Cyclists and pedestrians in particular should be extra cautious. Cyclists are advised to cross the tracks as closely as possible to a right angle, and please follow the signs and road markings carefully.

Motorists are asked to be alert to cyclists, particularly in areas with tram tracks. Motorists should give space when driving behind or beside cyclists.

For more information please click on links below:

Be Track Aware link:

Give Cyclists Space link:

The Luas Cross City team can be contacted at:

LCC Freephone: 1800 30 36 53