Dublin Bus Strike – time to dust off the bicycle?

Posted 6 Sep 2016 to News by Sarah Scannell

You may be aware of an upcoming Dublin Bus strike, with action due to take place on 8-9, 15-16 and 23-34 September 2016 meaning there will be no Dublin Bus services available for these dates.

For those of you who use Dublin Bus to commute it may be a good opportunity to explore alternative uses of travel – cycling or walking – during this period, especially given that good weather is promised for the 8th and 9th of September.

If you have not travelled your usual journey by foot or bicycle before it is very important to plan your trip in advance and be aware of the time and route as well as taking safety precautions.


If you live within 5 kilometers of your destination it should take you approximately 45 minutes to walk.

Please plan and know your route and ensure you wear appropriate footwear. There are a number on online maps and apps available that will map your walking route to your destination and give an estimated journey time, simply search online or if you have a smart phone your app store.


If you live within 5 kilometers of your destination it should take you approximately 15 minutes to cycle, and 30 minutes for a destination of 10 kilometers. If you don’t have a bicycle you could borrow one or hire one. Before you cycle please read our tips on keeping safe while cycling in the city.

If you are lucky enough to live near a dublinbike station you could hire a bike and cycle to your destination. You will need to register in advance at www.dublinbikes.ie, there are annual options and an option for a three day ticket. The first 30 minutes of hire is free however if you plan to take a dublinbike for the day be aware that a service charge is charged per half hour if the bike is not returned to a station so make sure you do your homework first!

There are a range of available tools available online to help plan your cycle journey, in particular the Transport for Ireland (TFI) National Journey Cycle Planner can help people map cycling alternatives to Dublin Bus services. This planner allows you to choose easier routes that will take you away from heavily trafficked roads so is a great resource for the less experienced cyclist.


The most important thing is to ensure you are safe; plan your route in advance, allow time for any delays and obey the rules of the road. Do however enjoy the experience! You may be interested to know that active travel – walking or cycling- has a whole range of health benefits for a journey you have to do anyway. Please see the blog post 150 minutes a week for more detail!

On the Road

On the Road

Keep Your Bike Safe Inforgraphic

Keep Your Bike Safe Infographic

Cycling to Work

Cycling to Work

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