Cycle Logos in Bus Lanes

Posted 29 Sep 2016 to News by Sarah Scannell

Dublin City Council has begun to place cycle logos alongside the ‘Lána Bus’ signs printed in lanes shared by both bus and bicycle. The cycle logos will complement the statutory road signs already in place.


The cycle logos are to remind all road users that such lanes are shared by both bus and cyclists and to be mindful of both. To over take or pass cyclists safely,  motorists should give a minium width of 1.5 meters between the vechicle and the cyclist.








New and Existing members of Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes can now access the scheme using their LEAP Card

Posted 20 Sep 2016 to News by Sarah Scannell

Dublin City Council, the National Transport Authority (NTA), Coca-Cola and JCDecaux are delighted to announce that from today, 20th September 2016, the Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes scheme will enable new and existing bike share members to use the service using just one smart card – their LEAP Card.

While this initiative won’t allow people to pay for their Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes trips from their LEAP Card account, it will allow them to hold their registration details for both schemes on the one card, cutting back on the requirement to carry an additional card in their wallets or purses. The customer account for Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes will continue to be the source for payment for annual memberships and 3-day ticketing and for each bike trip taken which incurs a cost.

Associating a LEAP Card so that it can be used with Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes is very simple for both an existing or new member of the bike share scheme:


  • Existing bike-share members just need to log in to their account at and follow the on-screen instructions to associate a LEAP Card with their existing account;
  • New members simply log on to where they will be requested to choose either LEAP Card or Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes membership card. They will be taken through a number of easy to follow steps after which, their LEAP Card needs to be validated for use at any one of the 101 stations across the city. Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr said, “this innovation will make it very easy and convenient for new and existing bike share members, to easily link with the bike share scheme. I have no doubt this will prove to be an attractive feature for commuters who want to use the one card to link their bike journey with other sustainable public transport services, at various connection points across the city.”

According to Anne Graham, Chief Executive NTA, “Being able to use LEAP Card across multiple transport modes has proved to be a big draw for commuters with over one million cards sold since its launch five years ago.  Adding the customer ID for Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes to the LEAP Card should make people’s journeys around town a little easier; with the bike scheme accessible on the Leap Card, people will have one less card to carry around.”

The bike share scheme in Dublin continues to enjoy huge popularity and is one of the most successful bike schemes in the world, with more than 64,000 subscribers and 16.3 million journeys taken since the scheme came into being in 2009.

Joanne Grant, Managing Director JCDecaux said, “Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes is already an overwhelming success and an excellent demonstration of the JCDecaux city partnership model.  We are very pleased to have worked with the National Transport Authority and Dublin City Council to deliver this initiative which will broaden the appeal of the scheme and make it accessible to more people.”

Commuters who wish to use LEAP Card to rent out bikes in Dublin can do this through


Mobility Week – Celebrating Cycling!

Posted 19 Sep 2016 to Events by Sarah Scannell

Mobility Week Coca-Cola Zero, the National Transport Authority and the four city councils of Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway have come together to celebrate the many thousands of persons who choose to cycle in our cities, especially for commuting to work or education. Events will take place on Thursday September 22nd 2016, which is celebrated across European Cities as “In Town Without My Car” (or “Car Free”) day.

The numbers of persons choosing to cycle is growing every year. The four Irish cities are delighted to celebrate and recognise our daily cyclists, and their positive choice for accessing the city. In particular, the public bikes schemes, all sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero, have had a significant impact on the cities. Across the four cities, these bike systems collectively carry approximately 13,000 daily trips. This represents a significant element in our overall cycling numbers, and in our cities’ transport mix.

In Dublin, Dublin City Council will have a “Public Transport Through The Ages” family event on Wolfe Tone Square, Jervis Street, Dublin 1 from 3pm to 7pm on the 22nd September 2016.

Wolfe Tone Square will host a family event displaying an old tram and bus from the Dublin Transport Museum manned by our very own conductor as part of Mobility Week 2016. There will face painting, music and a number of fun activities for everyone to enjoy on the day. Tea, coffee and refreshments are availability in the resident Tram Café on the square. This is a free family event and open to everyone to enjoy.

Coca-Cola Zero will be rewarding and refreshing users of the Coca-Cola Zero-sponsored public bike schemes who leave the car behind on 22nd September. Cycle-In Cafés will ‘pop-up’ at locations in the City where scheme users can pull in to enjoy some pastries, sandwiches and refreshments without ever leaving their bike. Coca-Cola Zero has also arranged for some surprise goodies which will be found in the baskets of the bikes on the day.
“Car-free day on Thursday 22nd September is important because it appeals to a wide audience. We are calling on everyone to take part, and look forward to welcoming both new and regular cyclists to our Cycle-In Cafés for some refreshments,” said Aoife Nagle, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Ireland.

For more information please see or follow #mobilityweek on social media

Wolfe Tone Square

Wolfe Tone Square

A Cow at Wolf Tone Square

A Cow at Wolfe Tone Square

The Tram Café Wolfe Tone Square

The Tram Café Wolfe Tone Square


Dublin PARK(ing) Day 2016 – Make your city BETTER, Make your city YOURS

Posted 15 Sep 2016 to Events by Sarah Scannell

Dublin PARK(ing) Day 2016Make your city BETTER, Make your city YOURS

PARKing Day

PARKing Day

Lord Mayor Brendan Carr will launch Dublin PARK(ing) Day at the Installation on South Anne’s Street, Dublin 2 at 11:00 a.m. on Friday 16th September 2016.


PARK(ing) Day is a worldwide initiative which started in San Francisco in 2005, where a single parking space was transformed into a temporary public park. Dublin City is now one of 180 cities that are taking part in PARK(ing) Day.

For a single day each year, a selection of on-street car parking spaces will be suspended and transformed into imaginative public spaces instead. Each installation will be unique and will make its own statement in favour of more people-friendly streets where space is for public use rather than the car.

Speaking in advance of the launch of PARK(ing) Day, Lord Mayor Brendan Carr said, “Since it’s beginning in 2011, Dublin City has become one of the biggest participants, hosting a comparable number of spaces to New York. This has increased year on year, so this year, we are aiming for even more installations. I personally will be out and about visiting the various locations.”

Faolán Bashford from Dublin PARK(ing) Day said, “PARK(ing) Day is about re-imagining the possibilities of the urban landscape. We are encouraging everyone to download the map and use it as a walking tour to see what can be done to animate and enrich the city.”

PARKing Day

PARKing Day

Dublin PARK(ing) Day is supported by Dublin City Council as part of EU Mobility Week, a series of events promoting better mobility. 

To view the PARK(ing) Day Map and Guide, please go to –

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Dublin Bus Strike – time to dust off the bicycle?

Posted 6 Sep 2016 to News by Sarah Scannell

You may be aware of an upcoming Dublin Bus strike, with action due to take place on 8-9, 15-16 and 23-34 September 2016 meaning there will be no Dublin Bus services available for these dates.

For those of you who use Dublin Bus to commute it may be a good opportunity to explore alternative uses of travel – cycling or walking – during this period, especially given that good weather is promised for the 8th and 9th of September.

If you have not travelled your usual journey by foot or bicycle before it is very important to plan your trip in advance and be aware of the time and route as well as taking safety precautions.


If you live within 5 kilometers of your destination it should take you approximately 45 minutes to walk.

Please plan and know your route and ensure you wear appropriate footwear. There are a number on online maps and apps available that will map your walking route to your destination and give an estimated journey time, simply search online or if you have a smart phone your app store.


If you live within 5 kilometers of your destination it should take you approximately 15 minutes to cycle, and 30 minutes for a destination of 10 kilometers. If you don’t have a bicycle you could borrow one or hire one. Before you cycle please read our tips on keeping safe while cycling in the city.

If you are lucky enough to live near a dublinbike station you could hire a bike and cycle to your destination. You will need to register in advance at, there are annual options and an option for a three day ticket. The first 30 minutes of hire is free however if you plan to take a dublinbike for the day be aware that a service charge is charged per half hour if the bike is not returned to a station so make sure you do your homework first!

There are a range of available tools available online to help plan your cycle journey, in particular the Transport for Ireland (TFI) National Journey Cycle Planner can help people map cycling alternatives to Dublin Bus services. This planner allows you to choose easier routes that will take you away from heavily trafficked roads so is a great resource for the less experienced cyclist.


The most important thing is to ensure you are safe; plan your route in advance, allow time for any delays and obey the rules of the road. Do however enjoy the experience! You may be interested to know that active travel – walking or cycling- has a whole range of health benefits for a journey you have to do anyway. Please see the blog post 150 minutes a week for more detail!

On the Road

On the Road

Keep Your Bike Safe Inforgraphic

Keep Your Bike Safe Infographic

Cycling to Work

Cycling to Work