Dublin enters the European Cycle Challenge!

Posted 22 Apr 2016 to Events by Sarah Scannell

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Dublin is really excited to be part of Europe’s City wide cycle challenge, European Cycle Challenge #ECC2016. The #ECC2016 is a competition that tracks individual cycle usage in Cities across Europe and challenges Cities to clock up the highest amount of milage during the month of May 2016.

The #ECC2016 shares our objective of encouraging cycling as a healthy every day means of travel.

The Challenge is free to join. To register simply go to www.cyclingchallenge.eu, or download the free App Cycling365 to your smartphone where you can register from there. Cycling365 will also track your bike journeys during the challenge. The #ECC2016 is live for the month of May 2016, you can register at any point until the end of May 2016 however in order to compete and position ourselves strongly we are asking cyclists to sign up well in advance of of May 1st.

The completion is open to all and you can assign yourself to a group or indeed create your own group, all details are instructions can be found here. ‘Your City Needs You’ is the message being used across Europe. And we need your help in getting the message out as soon as, and as widely as, possible so please encourage colleagues and friends to sign up.

The challenge will also provide data that can help us discover more about how people cycle in Dublin, so the more that participate the better pitcure we will get on cycling in Dublin City with hopefully some great stats on cycle numbers and cycle routes.

This is the first time Dublin will be in the competition so we are hoping to have great success! You can log your cycle distances via a smart phone app or my logging your times manually via the website  www.cyclingchallenge.eu.

There are 48 European Cities involved This is a great opportunity to have fun putting Dublin on the European cycling stage during the month of May. The European Cycling Challenge – #ECC2016 is a challenge among European cities: The City that “rides” the longest distance wins!

The will be a number of prizes and events throught the duration of the cometition. The Dublin Cycling Campaign are organising a kick off cycle; meeting at Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 at 11.00am on the 1st May. Please go to www.dublincycling.ie for all details.

Got an idea on how to improve cycling in Dublin?

Posted 18 Apr 2016 to Events by Sarah Scannell

2 weeks to submit your Smart Dublin Cycle proposals

Calling all entrepreneurs, start-ups, technology providers, software and product developers. 

Have you got a technology or data solution to scale up cycling in Dublin?

Supporting presentations and data to help inform better solutions is available on Dublinked.

Challenge is open until May 3rd

Apply NOW to access up to €100,000 seed fund to bring your cycle idea to prototype


SBIR Cycle Challenge

NOTE: This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) competition is run in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland to encourage the public procurement of research and development on new innovative solutions before they are commercially available. It involves different suppliers competing through different phases of development, while the risks and benefits are shared between the procurers and the suppliers under market conditions. Developments are 100% funded and focused on specific identified needs, increasing the chance of exploitation.


Commuting by Rail and Cycling – Iarnóid Éireann Bicycle Information

Posted 15 Apr 2016 to News by Sarah Scannell

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Iarnród Éireann – Ireland’s National Rail Company has the following guide to commuting with bicycles on their services:

Fold Up Bikes

Fold up bikes can be carried on-board all services free of charge at all times. Please be sure all fold up bicycles are folded properly.

Bicycles on InterCity Trains

All InterCity trains have bicycle carriage facilities.

Some Dublin to Cork and all Dublin to Belfast trains have bicycle carriage facilities, which are located in a storage area separate from the passenger compartment of the train.

All other InterCity routes  have dedicated bicycle carriage spaces, but these are limited and must be booked in advance on irishrail.ie There is no charge for reserving a bike space, but you must also reserve a seat, when booking a bicycle space.

Bicycle spaces must be booked, in advance, online at www.irishrail.ie. There will be no charge for these bookings.

These routes are restricted to two bicycles per service. Please note that Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail reserve the right to refuse to carry more than two bicycles if there are only two bike spaces available on a service.

A bicycle can be carried up to maximum of 1.8 meters in length and up to 0.865m in width.

Time Restrictions on Heuston Station Services

Please note that from the 19th October 2015 bicycles will not be permitted during the following times for journeys into/out of Heuston Station from Monday – Friday unless the bicycle is booked on Intercity services in advance on-line.

  • Services arriving into Heuston station from 07.00 to 09.30
  • Services departing Heuston station from 16.00 to 19.00

Bicycles on Commuter and DART Trains

Bicycles are permitted on Commuter and DART services between 09:30 and 16:00 and after 19:00 Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Customers are asked to stay with their bicycles in the vestibules at all times and ensure they do not allow their bicycles to become a nuisance to other passengers.

The carriage of bicycles on Commuter and Dart services is at the discretion of station staff. At certain times (e.g. major sporting fixtures /concerts), it may not be possible to permit carriage of bicycles on Commuter and DART services. Bicycles that are folded and covered can be carried on all Commuter and Dart services with no time restrictions.

If you are travelling with your bicycle, please note the following:

  • Customers should walk with their bicycles when they are in the station. It is not permitted to cycle in stations or on platforms
  • Customers should use ramps and lifts rather than stairs within stations to gain access to platforms
  • Customers should stay with their bicycles on board trains
  • Unaccompanied children cannot bring bicycles onto trains
  • No motorised bicycles are allowed on trains
  • No bicycles with attached trailers are allowed on trains
  • Always use available bicycle storage spaces provided
  • Never obstruct exits or passageways
  • Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail reserve the right to remove bicycles if staff feel they are obstructing other customers or if they are a safety hazard

Bicycle Parking in Stations

Bicycle racks where provided at Iarnród Éireann stations, are free for customers who wish to avail of them.

Alternatively, bicycle lockers are also available to rent at some stations. Two companies operate bike lockers within some of our stations, for further information see Bike Locker and Cyc Lok.  Go to Station Information section, choose your station and under ”Parking & Transport links” you will be able to find what bicycle parking facilities are available.

Special Discount

Iarnóid Éireann also offer a discount for their customers with certain bike hire companies, all details can be found here.