Bicycle Security

Posted 28 Sep 2011 to News by Sarah Scannell

Most bike thieves in Dublin are opportunists and are on the look out for soft targets. These tips may help you hang on to your bike

  • All locks are not made equal.  As a general guide think about spending around 10% of the value of the bike you are trying to protect on a lock.
  • The tools used to force rigid U locks and flexible cable or chain locks are different and most thieves don’t carry both. Consider using a combination for maximum protection.
  • Lock your bike to something secure and don’t lock it to a part of your bike which can be easily removed such as wheels, staddle posts or carriers.
  • Lock your bike as snugly as possible – slack locks are easier to lever apart.
  • Avoid locking your bike in places where thieves can work unnoticed. If you are in town try out the free bike park on Drury Street which has security on site and is CCTV monitored.
  • Always lock your bike even when it’s parked somewhere secure – bikes are regularly stolen from hallways, back yards and garages.
  • Lots of stolen bikes are recovered but there is often no way to locate the owner. Take a few photos of your bike and record the serial number of the frame. The serial number is usually stamped on the frame under the bottom bracket (near peddles).
  • Bike theft is serious – always make a formal report of bike theft at your local Garda station.



- January 19, 2017 at 7:23 pm

I agree with your comments re locking ones bike. Experience over many years has taught me to be as vigilant as possible with my bike. I’ve spent €100 on 2 locks for my bike – one locking front wheel, the other the back wheel. And both wrapped around a secure post or bike parking facility. And, I remove lights, ‘speedometer’ and all items which are easily removed by a thief.

Shay B

- January 19, 2017 at 7:24 pm

as above

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