Dublin Cycling Campaign Christmas Party

Posted 30 Nov 2010 to Events by Sarah Scannell

On Thursday 16th December, the Dublin Cycling Campaign will be hosting their 2010 Bicycle Christmas Party at the Pod on Harcourt Street.

Along with plenty of festive cheer there will be a late bar, fashion show, goldsprints and prizes.

Doors open at 8.30, entry is €6, and of course there will be bicycle parking.

For more info visit www.dublincycling.ie

Tips for Cycling in Snow and Icy Conditions

Posted 30 Nov 2010 to News by Sarah Scannell

Bikes, snow and ice don’t mix well. Falls from bikes on snow and ice can cause serious injuries. Salt and grit can damage suspension, gears and brakes. Maybe it’s wiser to skip this trip or use public transport today?

Wear a helmet. The likelihood of a fall increases as tyre grip decreases. Protect your most vital asset.

Visibility is poor in snowy conditions. Maximise your chance of being seen by other road users by wearing high viz and make sure your front and back lights are working properly.

Be particularly careful of slush and ice covered with snow powder. Beware of transitions from snowy side streets to clear roads: this is where you’re most likely to encounter ice or tricky ruts.

Keeping your weight as far back as possible minimises the risk of your front wheel sliding from beneath you and at the same time your rear driving wheel gets a little more grip.

Try and keep your bicycle as upright as possible during turns. If you bank into a turn in slippery conditions you will be more likely to exceed the limited grip of your tyre.

As in any slippery conditions (such as very wet roads) do your braking early and as much as possible in a straight line.

Living Streets Video

Posted 23 Nov 2010 to News by anthony

As part of European Mobility Week, an initiative to promote sustainable modes of travel and improvement of the urban environment, Dublin City Council hosted a ‘Living Streets’ day in the city centre on Wednesday 22nd September. Several roads were closed to motorised vehicles to create Living Streets which, for one day, brought music, comedy, exhibitions and pedal-powered cinema to a city centre audience. To get an idea of what the day was all about, check out the video below: